Too long.

That was quite a break. An unintended one too. I started working during the first week of May, and as part of my job I do community management for one of our clients. I blog/tweet on their behalf sometimes, and that has occupied my own blogging/tweeting energy. Meh. I do love my job though! Where else am I going to work at a place where my boss will bring me awesome cupcakes/cookies/pies/drinks during meetings? You’re right, a cupcake bar probably (that would be an awesome place). Regardless though, this is awesome! I’ll take a photo next time we have one, although I do hate being one of those “take snaps of what I’m eating” people. Whatever, I need to keep this blog updated with something, right?

Two days from now is my graduation! Walking up the stage, shaking hands, smiling, getting my degree, then walking off the spotlight. That’s not going to be me though. I ain’t attending. I did plan on attending, dad was going to come and see me graduate! Heck, I made the Deans’ Honour List! Dad’s not coming anymore though, since the date conflicts with my younger brother’s graduation. University graduation vs. High school graduation – which has more weight? Apparently high school. Why? Well you spend 12 years through school, then leave as a young adult – you invested so much there, and now it’s time to experience life. Whereas university, you’re already kinda done with it all and know what life is to an extent. Oh well, at least rescheduling his ticket was easy. The lady at Expedia who happened to be a Lebanese I’m sure, did an awesome job. I don’t get why I can’t reschedule tickets online though? What’s so hard in that?

Anyfoo, I’m going to go watch Game of Thrones now. If you haven’t been watching this show, do so. HBO doesn’t cut on quality. Also, since I’ve got your attention already, check this and this out too. Alright, cool.