Windows 8 + More.

So, Windows 8 is now out, and for the first time no one is arguing about whether it’s better than OSX or not. It seems to me that now everyone is just focused on Android vs. iOS; almost as if Windows is irrelevant in this day & age. Prior to Windows 8, Windows = PCs, and with tablets on the rise, everyone is crying “post PC era”, which despite being an early adopter myself, I find stupid. We’re going there, yes, but we’re not there yet. PC sales are sliding? Yeah, no shit. Have you looked at how powerful laptops are getting? Laptop sales aren’t sliding. The system is now this:

  • PC/Laptop: For actual productivity/serious gaming.
  • Tablet: Post a tweet, watch a video, and take notes or send an email.
  • Phone: A smaller tablet than can call people.
  • Smart Glasses: Coming soon.

Maybe in five years time, or perhaps 10 years, tablets and phones will merge and become one item. Samsung’s bidding on that with their Note line, and HTC’s doing that with their J-Butterfly phone. In my opinion that would be the best. If a solid phablet category forms that merges tablets and phones. This is wishful thinking though, highly unlikely stuff. My Kobo has a 6” screen (with a lot of fucking bezel) and it fits in my jeans pocket without a problem. To me that’s perfect. If they keep the 6” screen, and make the actual dimensions smaller by getting rid of all that wasted bezel space, that would be my perfect phablet. Also, it has to be a Nexus phablet, obviously.