Tonight I attended the OCRI Awards Dinner, it was fantastic. The oscars of the business community of Ottawa basically. You meet people you wish you could be. The “money table” as they were referred to, the elitist bunch. Never knew so many start-ups existed in Ottawa. Toronto no doubt has more, however Ottawa did just recently get ranked “The Best City to Live in Canada”, guess I’ll stick around for longer. It’s funny cause a year or two ago, Bahrain got ranked friendliest in the world. Look at it now though.Then again, maybe that’s what separates a developed country from a 3rd would country; the ability to not regress. Although, gotta say the U.S. is definitely breaking that rule. Lots of what was talked about during the dinner was in regards to social media and leveraging technology to facilitate the new age of media and business. Very interesting and very scary. It’s way too easy to get fired over any stupid remark you make online now, things are just going to get worse in that aspect, unless new laws are made to deal with the new age of expression. 

anyfoo, that’s all for now. Big next two days.

Google kicks GrooveShark out of the android market. First Google goes back on the whole open source nature of Android (for a good reason though: control fragmentation), and now this. They’re really tightening up eh. Avoiding litigation’s always a good idea. This will also help them promote their soon to be released cloud music app. GrooveShark’s still king though.

Android apps tend to be designed uglier. This is just weak. If you’re going to design something, MAKE IT LOOK GOOD. Aesthetics is the number one criteria in EVERYTHING. You can say whatever you want, but in the end, it does boil down to aesthetics, at least initially, in my opinion. 

Before I die. This is awesome. This is art.