Proctoring 1O1

It’s pitch black, all I hear are hssing sounds. My eyes slowly readjust to the darkness, my iris getting wider, my retina taking in more light. I tell my friend to get ready to start running as the hssing noises close in. My eyes adjust, I see them everywhere. Snakes, snakes everywhere. We’re trapped in a tunnel filled with snakes. I run, he runs, and we never stop running, not till I suddenly wake up.

Fast forward 3 hours. There’s a thunderstorm outside, heavy rain and loud thunder, the best feeling. I’m lying there on the examination table, the doctor looking down on me. “We tried.. You’ll have to accept it and live with it. Would you like me to prescribe you some anti-depressants?”

Fast forward 2 hours. I’m handing out exam papers to the students. I sit down and start observing them. 5 minutes in, already a question. This girl asked a question about every question in the exam booklet. Getting up and answering her every few minutes eventually felt like I was at the gym.

Fast forward 1 hour. Students that are fasting are excused to eat. There’s only 3 of them. 2 actually eat, the third one pulls out a nicotine inhaler, and starts inhaling it.

Fast forward 1 hour. Some people seem confused, others seem anxious. Everyone’s writing, and every few seconds someone looks up, stares at me, stares at the sky, then focuses back on their paper.

Fast forward 30 minutes: One of the students is sharpening his pencil with a pocket knife. “WTF?” is the only thing going through my head. So I get up and give him a spare mechanical pencil.

Fast forward 30 minutes. Time’s up.