I bumped into an old friend today, a wise friend. He’s retiring and moving to the Bahamas, and here I am starting on a search for a new job. So much contrast, me starting and him ending. He’s moving with his wife and kid, l’m starting on my own. Just like seasons, we change – come & go. 

My friend that I came to Canada with just finished university and is heading off back home, back to comfort, back to the easy life. I wonder why though, why chase just being comfortable? He doesn’t know, he’s just going, it’s easier he says. Why not something more though? Why not test yourself, see if you can make it without everything you’ve had growing up. A guaranteed job, a car, a home, and friends; no one can turn those down, right? Wrong.

Everyone I know works to save money and retire. It’s what we do, it’s how we function, what we crave for; security. I figure if I die by forty, I won’t need to save money for a long retirement. Rather, I’ll save my money for an early retirement at 3x, then travel the world till thirty nine. At thirty nine, I’ll head to the country with the highest crime rates, and end up with bullet and stab wounds. It’ll be painful, very painful probably. It’ll be beautiful though. Sounds crazy? Definitely. Will I do it? Probably not. It’s just a rant, that’s all, I think. A white blank page, that’s all that’s going to be left soon anyways – I’m just wondering whose notebook it’ll be out of.

Eleven days till the end of summer.