Iggy nailed it in that speech! He was very disappointing at the Leaders Debate however, oh well, can’t vote anyfoo.

Tomorrow’s the premier of “Game of Thrones”! It’s looking very promising so far, can’t wait to check it out. Happy Endings recently came out, although I haven’t watched it yet, on my search for it I did discover this little gem:

Seems to have pleased the critics but when one looks at the number, or lack of seeds, this show will have a very short life. Funny thing about torrents is a TV show or movie’s popularity and quality can be be summed up by the number of people sharing the torrent. With Happy ending the lack of such, to me, means don’t bother.”

That’s pretty much true eh! Compare something as successful as “The Wire”, to “Sh!t My Dad Says”. The seeds pretty much confirm which one is the successful show. Still going to give it a go though. I didn’t like the initial shows of Mr.Sunshine, but I like it now. Yesterday’s Real Time with Bill Maher was intense, I don’t get why people dislike him. His arrogance is of a good one!

Anyfoo, gotta keep this one short, got something bigger to share later!

Not sure if any of you invest in the big 3, but if you do, you’ll like this.

The android explosion, now that it’s so popular, Google’s balance between open system (fragmentation) and closed system (streamlined) is going to be the biggest success or fail move for android’s future in my opinion. 

Google’s trying to kill Flipboard. Here’s the thing about Google. If you have a good product, they’ll build a similar or better one and offer it for free, thus killing you. If your product is already free, they’ll acquire you or your next competitor and make’m bigger. Google’s trying to always eliminate anyone between them and users. People using iPhones to search on Google? Hell no, let’s build our own ecosystem and have them use our search engine through using our product! Derr.  I’m not against it, but they are in a way stifling innovation. When they can’t have it their way, aka Twitter. They try and build something similar (Buzz), and fail with it. They have however also done obvious successful attempts too though, Chrome and Gmail to be precise.