Too long.

That was quite a break. An unintended one too. I started working during the first week of May, and as part of my job I do community management for one of our clients. I blog/tweet on their behalf sometimes, and that has occupied my own blogging/tweeting energy. Meh. I do love my job though! Where else am I going to work at a place where my boss will bring me awesome cupcakes/cookies/pies/drinks during meetings? You’re right, a cupcake bar probably (that would be an awesome place). Regardless though, this is awesome! I’ll take a photo next time we have one, although I do hate being one of those “take snaps of what I’m eating” people. Whatever, I need to keep this blog updated with something, right?

Two days from now is my graduation! Walking up the stage, shaking hands, smiling, getting my degree, then walking off the spotlight. That’s not going to be me though. I ain’t attending. I did plan on attending, dad was going to come and see me graduate! Heck, I made the Deans’ Honour List! Dad’s not coming anymore though, since the date conflicts with my younger brother’s graduation. University graduation vs. High school graduation – which has more weight? Apparently high school. Why? Well you spend 12 years through school, then leave as a young adult – you invested so much there, and now it’s time to experience life. Whereas university, you’re already kinda done with it all and know what life is to an extent. Oh well, at least rescheduling his ticket was easy. The lady at Expedia who happened to be a Lebanese I’m sure, did an awesome job. I don’t get why I can’t reschedule tickets online though? What’s so hard in that?

Anyfoo, I’m going to go watch Game of Thrones now. If you haven’t been watching this show, do so. HBO doesn’t cut on quality. Also, since I’ve got your attention already, check this and this out too. Alright, cool.

4 Down.

Finished my last class of university today. I walked out after all the farewells and whatnot, put up some music and started walking towards the bus. Little James starts playing -suited the moment perfectly. At the bus stop while waiting in line to get onboard, a lady pokes me and asks whether the bus goes by Bank Street, if it’ll take her to her destination. I said yes, yes it will, then I pondered to myself. She knows where she wants to go, and now knows the bus will take her there. I know where I want to go, I wonder if my university degree will take me there. 

Just my thoughts.


Yesterday was a giant success. The Wine & Cheese event we have been planning for this month was pure awesomeness. Met a lot of cool people, industry professionals specifically, and got offered a student liaison position at CMC. I’m stoked. After the event I went out with two friends I made that night and didn’t end up home till around 3am. Just in time for 4 hours of sleep before waking up to go to have breakfast with the same folks, before heading to class. Definitely going to miss these spontaneous university days. So for all you peeps, enjoy it as much as you can. Seriously, enjoy it! Below’s the design I’ve worked on to promote the event, it’s a bit minimalistic and simple, straight to the point really. The work process took time though, I had so many iterations of it that deciding on the final piece was difficult. Makes me want to make a post about “The evolution of design”. Sounds pretty neat eh? 

Anyfoo, moving on! I’ve been using Color recently and am finding it to be pretty neat. Unfortunately none of my friends are even remotely interested in anything technology related, so I can’t experiment much with the application. For you Android/iOS users though, give it a go! It’s going to be Facebook’s direct competitor. I don’t mention Twitter since Twitter’s argued to be more of a publishing platform than a social networking site, although LinkedIn might join the Facebook competition party. It’s amazing how much technology is pushing us to interact more and more but only through walls of texts and computer screens. This hopefully will change that idea.

Today for my final strategic management class, the professor baked us cinnamon buns. It was awesome. Tomorrow will be my last class of my university career. Such an ambivalent feeling. Heck, ambivalent doesn’t even come close to describing this feeling.

Tomorrow the world ends. Tomorrow I’m reborn again. Tomorrow.


Today was awesome and messed up.

AWESOME! Let me explain why! I had the biggest presentation of my university career. Basically, the presentation of my capstone project for my capstone course. Did the presentation effin smoothly, and got my mark back immediately. “This the highest mark I’ve ever given”, in what? 15 years of teaching this course. KA-FUCKING-BOOOOM! Holy hell, the joy I felt was more surreal than my first orgasm. I wasn’t walking on sunshine, I was sunshine. Four years of presenting in the majority of my  classes has paid off. Finally, I can say I’ve actually gotten something out of university. Just kidding, there’s a lot to learn there! Just not in business. So, the bottom line is this: Stick to something, work your ass off to showcase it, and you’ll be rewarded generously.

MESSED! So here’s what happened next. Eventually after class I went to the proff’s office hours for more feedback in regards to what I can improve upon ( I always do this after presentations). She said “nothing that I can think about”, so we then just talked about random stuff. Eventually she mentioned religion, says she’d been reading a book about Islam to get to know it etc. Anyfoo, she asked me if I’m muslim and I said no. Then she immediately went into Islam is wrong/God isn’t vindictive as Islam portrays him/ prophet was a pedophile, etc. So after all that rambling, she then asked “so what religion do you follow?”, I said I don’t follow any. She then started chirping about how there is a God, and that the universe must have a master planner etc. She then tried to get me into Christianity. “Have you read the bible? It’s amazing, it shows God’s true will; it’s the best selling book of all time ;the most recognizable. The new testament is amazing in guidance” etc. I pause for a minute and think to myself: what the flying fuck just happened? It’s unfortunate that she’s my proff, otherwise I would’ve bashed her claims with some rhetoric. 

Here’s to my Canadian readers!

P.S. Congrats Mathew on the new company!


Dearest Minette,

Life is different, very different. During grade 12, the naive me sat there and thought I had the world figured out already. Flash forward into my fourth, and final year of university, I don’t know anything anymore. The more I learn, the less I know. Where am I taking myself in this world is still a vague mystery. I do know a few certainties though. Get a job you love, make friends, and be happy with yourself. Thankfully I’m on track with those certainties.

A little over 10 months ago my mother passed away due to cancer. I did not know of her illness till I heard the life-shattering news. Of course by then, it was too late. All the words I should’ve and could’ve said were too late to tell. That entire academic year was hard to get through. Come summer time though, and I’ve gotten back on track. Back to getting A’s and back to enjoying myself.

Life is still vague right now, but that’s the beauty of it. No commitments and no plans. I’m still a naive 20 year old, but now I understand to not try to figure life out, but rather, just live it, enjoy it, and prosper through it. I’ve come a long way from the time when we’d read Animal Farm in your classroom. Now, my bookshelf is stocked with the works of Kant, Schopenhauer, and more. I’m well read, and very well informed.

All this, I attribute to you and my father. To you, for if you haven’t been my mentor and teacher, if you weren’t there to push me to read more and expand my vocabulary, to tell me about the different aspects of life, and to broaden my eyes to the outside world, then I would not be the man I am today.

For that, I am eternally in debt to you.

Your student,
Mohamed Farazi