SF: Yo.
MF: Yo.
SF: How are you?
MF: Good thanks. You?
SF: Good.
SF: We were told to write a speed poem in English today.
SF: 14 lines. Teacher told us what to write in each line.
SF: I wrote about you :D
MF: :D
MF: Mind sharing it?
SF: I was hoping you’d ask :D
SF: Here it goes.
SF: Mo


Swords Clashing

And I
Play against him

I cherish his presence


MF: A lot of gaming, eh?
MF: That’s super cool, brother.
MF: Thank you.
SF: Thank you, too.


SK: No, trust me, I’m pretty vanilla.
MF: Actually? How? You went to art school.
SK: Yeah, I know. Trust me though, I’m as vanilla as it gets.
SK: Like, the most exciting thing would be watching tv and cooking dinner.
MF: Pfft, I’ll teach you a thing or two then.
SK: I KNOW. You’re the most exciting thing to happen to me right now.
MF: Haha, stick around then kiddo.

I can’t seem to be able to fall asleep and it’s extremely frustrating. Conversations like that though, they make me smile. Smiling is better than sleeping, yeah?

8's & 9's.

Me: It’s in the lines really. He could’ve devoted his life in order to make himself be perfect for her, so they’d have a wonderful relationship or w/e. He could’ve tried to do all that he could in order to make everything work out, never have a reason to say no, etc. In the end though, it all would’ve been just a waste of his time, cause she already gets whatever she wants. She already does what she wants, he already does all he can for her. It’s already her world, wrapped around her fingertips. All he can do is comply or leave.
MR: We’re siting in your room.. You show me a sexy picture of her and I go kuku wondering why the hell you did not go for a girl who was so good looking. You give me an unclear response and lay back down on your bed.
MR: I wondered many times why you never went for a girl so crazy about you! Who went through a great deal of effort to show her affection towards you.. Who clearly wanted to be with you.
MR: Never really understood why, until now… Sort of ;)
Me: Like I said, mentioning ##### was only an exemplary figure. So attributing this to her would be wrong, but with a dash of right as well. I’ve already told you the main reasons on our walk, the first time you showed me where you live, you just don’t remember. So there, that’s a point in which you forget, told you you had some yourself. Remember after-all, I was going to attribute it with an example of you. Out of the question now though ;)
Me: Beauty isn’t everything.
MR: Capital Capital.. You are correct on the account that beauty isn’t everything. Sucks that our conversation on Skype was interrupted by me laughing.. It was quite strange I must say.. It was as if I had no control over my laughter.. There was a rush of excitement.. I would explain further but it’s out of the question now ;)


NY: Have you found your Summer?
Me: I think I have, I don’t know yet.
NY: Then make sure you don’t leave people you like with the weather.
Me: If I don’t do that, then seasons stop existing.
NY: You make memories as they come!
Me: As they come, yeah, but you still gotta preserve some too.
NY: So leave just incase it gets bad? So you can just remember the good stuff?
Me: No? Leave with the season, that’s all. Not everyone should always be permanent friends or whatnot, otherwise it would be boring.
NY: Yea definitely not. Drifting away is many times for the best. But to plan it? That’s a bit fucked, don’t you think?
Me: Everyone’s a little bit fucked up.


Her: I asked if you were open with me at the time. DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT YOU ANSWERED?
Him: I joked about it and said “MAYBE”, but then answered you truthfully!
Her: Un huh.
Him: Sure.
Her: Perfect.
Her: Summer.
Him: I’ve called you Summer since week 1. It’s too late to try & pin it on me.
Her: You already agreed to it, and you brought up the season thing. I don’t leave people I like with the weather, you do.